Our History

Lifetime Horizons, LLC (formerly T-Horizons, LLC) was founded in 2003 by Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo and Dr. Andrea Brockman - two practicing dentists - as a response to a consumer need for insurance coverage for dental treatment.

Over 20 years ago they had utilized health savings accounts, a medical insurance, as an IRS approved way to pay for dental treatment not covered by dental insurance.  Dr. DiLorenzo and Dr. Brockman became licensed health and life insurance producers in order to help their patients and colleagues obtain this type of health insurance at group rates. They teamed up with experienced health insurance brokers and third party administrators to service professional organizations who could offer health these benefits to their thousands of members.

A Resourceful Use of Life Insurance

In the next several years, long-term care insurance was a growing need as the baby boom generation was watching their aging parents deplete their assets from increasingly expensive health care needs. Reminiscent of the scenario of the lack of coverage for dental expenditures, if one didn’t have long-term care coverage, large assets, or a wealthy relative, one’s options were unsatisfactory for a better quality of life.

In 2007, a continuing education course in Life Settlements shed light on a viable option for paying for continuing and long-term care. Many unneeded insurance policies could be sold for large sums and the money from the settlement could be used during the senior’s lifetime when it is needed most.

But life settlements aren't for everyone. There was a growing need to fill the void of paying for long-term care which necessitated incorporating alternatives into our service offerings. Long-term care insurance offered many more possibilities to help manage the costs of this unexpected financially draining healthcare expense.

As educators, healthcare professionals, long-term care insurance producers, and life settlement brokers, Dr. DiLorenzo and Dr. Brockman dedicate their efforts to bring viable resources to help families financially weather the ordeal of lifecare expenses.

They are married to each other and have raised three wonderful sons.