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The Proceeds from a Life Settlement Can Help the Client Effectively Provide for the Distribution of Their Estate

As estate planners develop strategies to ensure that assets are transferred in accordance with the wishes of their clients, they may be faced with:

• The changing needs and financial picture of the client
• The needs of the beneficiaries are met
• The estate taxes vs. taxable proceeds from a life settlement
• The client’s wishes regarding charitable giving
• The client’s circumstances and changing insurance needs

But perhaps the most important question is:
Would the proceeds from a Life Settlement help the client provide more effectively for the distribution of their estate?

The following are examples of where a life settlement may provide a better solution than allowing an un-needed or unaffordable policy to lapse or surrender:

Personal Applications
• Purchase long-term care insurance
• Create funds for a charitable gift
• Gift to a family member
• Fund a life insurance product that better suits current wants or needs
• Estate size changes, creating the need for larger or smaller death benefit to cover its taxes
• Fund more cost-effective coverage
• Create liquidity to invest elsewhere
• Use the funds to take a once in a lifetime vacation
• Retire debts
• Purchase a survivorship policy

Business Applications
• Key-man insurance is no longer needed after retirement
• Buy/Sell agreement is no longer needed due the sale of the company
• Purchase a minority interest in the business
• Bankruptcy creates the need for liquidity
• Retire a company debt

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