Knowledgeable Tax Advice is Needed for Life Settlements

CPAs are in a position to recommend the financial empowerment provided by a Life Settlement but they must have more than a basic understanding of the tax implications. The growing life settlement marketplace is a new frontier for accountants who serve both affluent seniors as well as corporate clients. In addition, many CPAs serve as advisors to charitable organizations that accept donated life insurance policies where premiums are no longer affordable, contributions are down, and capital improvements are needed.

It is important that CPAs not only understand tax issues but be able to provide guidance when balancing the value that a Life Settlement brings for their immediate financial needs.

Due Diligence is Imperative

CPAs are encouraged to perform due diligence as it relates to recommending senior Life Settlements to their clients, but they will also be expected to perform due diligence on the brokers and firms handling the Life Settlement transactions.

Lifetime Horizons can help to make the Life Settlement process run smoothly to meet your clients' financial objectives.

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