What We Do

Lifetime Horizons, LLC is a state-licensed company specializing in Life Settlements and Long-Term Care.

We work with people who work in the industry to help their clients secure needed funds for:
•   Philanthropy
•   Assisted Living, Long-term Care, Personal and Homebound Care
•   Retirement
•   Medicaid Spend Down

We offer expertise and management in:
•    Providing education, marketing, and on-going communication
•    Analysis of appropriateness of Life Insurance policies for secondary market sale
•    Determining eligibility of insured for life settlements and or new policies
•    Data collection for medical records, illustrations, and life expectancy tables
•    Timely collection and allocation of documents
•    Maintenance of confidentiality
•    Securing bids from well-funded institutional providers for Life Settlements

Founded in 2003, Lifetime Horizons LLC  (formerly T-Horizons, LLC) provides education, marketing expertise, and facilitation of Life Settlements. Our clients are the insured. Individuals and groups involved with the insured rely on our thoughtful analysis of each client’s unique set of needs and contribution to the lawful process of life settlements as they do on the appropriate monetary outcomes.

When not eligible for self-funding lifecare from a life insurance policy, the more appropriate option is to explore long-term care insurance options which may include new stand-alone policies, hybrids, 1035 exchanges,  state partnership programs, short-term care, and final expense or funeral trusts.

For tax and philanthropic planning, we work with professionals that include: